Is my car eligible?

In order to participate on the Park & Earn program, your car must meet our eligibility requirements. It must:

  • Satisfy the baseline eligibility requirements
  • Be registered in your name with a valid license plate number (no dealer plates)
  • Have clean (not "branded" nor "salvage") title
  • Be model year 2008 or newer
  • Have no warning lights on
  • Have no major cosmetic damages (e.g., dents, scratches)  
  • Be clean, have no odors, and have no stains in the interior of the car
  • Have no personal belongings inside the car
  • Have a valid vehicle registration and insurance
  • Have at least 40% of tire tread life left
  • Have an automatic transmission; cars with manual transmission are no longer accepted
  • Not be an all-electric car; all-electric cars are no longer accepted
  • Meet the minimum reservation duration of 14 whole days

If your car does not match the description you provided upon making a reservation, fails to meet the requirements described above, or if Turo believes in its sole discretion that your vehicle is not suitable for use in the marketplace, Turo reserves the right to cancel your parking reservation at any time. Our parking lot attendants will evaluate if your vehicle is suitable for rental during the check-in process. They will review your car based on various criteria, which may include, but are not limited items described in our vehicle rejection policy.

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