Is my car eligible for Turo Valet?

Your car must meet our normal eligibility requirements in order to participate in the Valet program, meaning that it:

  • Satisfies the baseline eligibility requirements for the Turo marketplace
  • Is registered and insured in your name (or your company name if you decline a Turo protection package and are offering commercial rental insurance directly to your traveler)
  • Has a valid license plate number (no dealer plates) with current registration stickers
  • Does not have warning lights on
  • Is clean and free of odors
  • Has legal tire tread depth (at least 2/32”)
  • Is free of mechanical and electrical issues (e.g. windshield wipers, AC/heat, lights working)

If your car fails to meet the requirements described above, or if Turo believes in its sole discretion that your vehicle is not suitable for use in the marketplace, Turo reserves the right to cancel any upcoming booked trips with your car and provide the guest(s) with a full refund. Your car may also be restricted from use in our marketplace until you provide proper documentation addressing any outstanding issues.

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