How do I set my car's availability? How do I temporarily remove my car from the site?

How do I set my car's availability?

To set your car’s general availability, go to “Your Car” when signed in to your account at the top of the page and select the car you wish to edit. You’ll be on the “Calendar” tab for that vehicle, with more options on the left-hand side. On this page, you can leave a note detailing the typical availability of your listing in the “General availability” area below your calendar.

To indicate to travelers that your car is unavailable for a certain period of time:

  1. Click on a day on your calendar; this presents a pop-up screen. Click the "Mark as unavailable" button on the pop-up.
  2. Enter the start and end time during which the car is not available.
  3. Click "Mark as unavailable" to update your car's availability. If you want to make this a reoccurring setting, you can indicate how often you'd like the blocked off time period to repeat by checking the "repeat" box and following further instructions before clicking "Mark as unavailable".

The system will not allow another trip to overlap with an already booked trip nor will it allow you block your car off during a booked trip. This also means a traveler cannot request your car for days you have blocked off.

How do I temporarily disable my car?

If you need to make your car unavailable for any reason for an extended or unknown length of time (you're going on an extended vacation, your car needs repairs, etc.), you can choose to either snooze or unlist your car.  

If you snooze your vehicle, it won’t appear in search results and it can’t be requested during the time you set; your listing will then automatically be re-listed once the snooze time elapses. However, you will still be responsible for any trips already booked during that time. Once you set your vehicle to snooze, you can edit or cancel the snooze at anytime.

If you unlist your vehicle, it won’t appear in search results and can’t be requested. While this is similar to the snooze feature, there is one big difference. If you want to re-list an unlisted vehicle, you will have to re-list it yourself later. This is a good option for when you are not planning on renting your car out again for a very long time, and are not certain of the dates.

To unlist or snooze your car, head to your listing page under “Your car” and select the appropriate setting from the car status dropdown.

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