Do I need a separate insurance card to rent my car out?

The Turo insurance policies (provided by Intact in Canada, and Nautilus and Great Divide in the U.S.) are active during each trip. Please make sure your registration, your personal insurance card, and the relevant Turo insurance card are in the car, accessible to your traveler during the trip. If there is an incident during a trip, the traveler and any third parties should refer to the Turo insurance ID card; the number for claims reporting is located on the back.

The Turo insurance card does not satisfy a state or provincial "Financial Responsibility" requirements, and cannot be used to register your car. Furthermore, neither of these cards may be used for New York vehicles (vehicles that are registered or whose home location is New York state).

State laws vary; in California, Oregon, and Washington, personal car sharing legislation requires that your Turo insurance ID card be included in the vehicle.

Please note that there are different insurance cards — one for Arizona, one for the other 48 states (excluding New York), and others for the relevant Canadian province. Please ensure that you have the correct insurance card for your location, and that in Canada, you also print and include the Canada Accident Advice Card.

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