If a guest gets into an accident, will my insurance be affected?

US Owners

As a general statement, we believe that your insurance should not be affected if your vehicle is covered under one of Turo’s coverage plans. When you drive your car, you are covered under your existing policy. However, when a traveler uses your car through the Turo marketplace, we make available a liability insurance policy to protect both you and your guest. If the guest gets into an accident, our insurance policy will go into effect, which should leave your personal policy untouched. Your policy likely has a specific exclusion for coverage when you rent out your car, which is precisely why Turo has purchased this liability insurance policy for you. In addition, we offer protection for physical damage to your car, as described in more detail here.


However, if you opt to decline a Turo protection package and instead insure your vehicle and your traveler with owner-provided insurance, you will not be covered under Turo’s liability insurance, in which case your commercial insurance will likely be affected if a traveler gets into an accident. We recommend that you speak with your insurance agent prior to declining Turo insurance. For more information on owner-provided insurance, click here.


In some states, certain coverages may continue to stay with the vehicle, even during the rental period. For example, in NY, the UIM/UM, PIP, and liability coverages “follow the vehicle”, and so in the event of an accident, the owner’s insurance could be implicated. To note, Turo, through its third party liability insurer, provides the statutory minimum UM/UIM coverage in all states, which may sometimes be zero.


Canadian Owners

Please click here for more information about the insurance policy protecting your car, provided by our Insurance partner, Intact.

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