Are there any maintenance requirements?

You are required to ensure that your vehicle complies with all laws and regulations regarding vehicle safety, condition, and operation. We advise that you get a mechanical and safety inspection at least once per year to ensure your car is safe to operate.

A typical inspection includes:

1. Visual overview and legal registration requirements

    • Certificate of registration
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • License plate(s) decal 

2. Brake tests

    • Parking brake
    • Service brake

3. Exhaust system

    • Exhaust system components/muffler
    • Visible blue or black smoke

4. Steering and suspension

    • Steering wheel and box
    • Suspension/front end
    • Springs
    • Shocks
    • Vehicle height

5. Horn

    • Sound horn to test for adequate signal
    • The horn must be securely fastened to the vehicle

6. Glazing, glass, and windshield wipers

    • Windshield
    • Windshield wipers and washer
    • Windows
    • Tint

7. Engine and powertrain

    • Engine, including all subcomponents
      • Cooling system
      • Lubrication system
      • Electrical and electronic management systems
    • Transmission, including clutch, torque converter, and similar components
    • All fluids and lubricants

8. Visibility and lighting devices

    • Head light aim
    • Hazard lights, directionals/stop/reverse lights, and license plate light(s)
    • Reflectors
    • Rear view mirror
    • Mirrors (general)

9. Tires and wheels

10. Bumper, fenders, and fuel tank

    • Bumpers
    • Fenders
    • Floor pans
    • Fuel tank, and fuel cap
    • Vehicle frame or unibody

11. Seat belts and airbags
12. Body, including all seals and panels

Failure to maintain your car may make your car subject to removal from the marketplace. You are responsible for all costs resulting from failing to properly maintain your car.

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