What happens if someone gets a traffic violation or ticket in my car?

All guests are responsible for paying any tickets received during the trip, and parking tickets issued within 24 hours after the trip has ended. If you find a parking ticket on your car or one is mailed to you, please pay it and send a copy to support@turo.com and we’ll reimburse you by adding the amount to your next payment.* (Please note that Turo is not responsible for late fees added onto unpaid toll notices or parking tickets.) In order to get fully reimbursed, please provide the date, time, and reason for the violation in the photograph or scan of the ticket.

If the ticket is a moving violation (such as speeding tickets or a red light violation), particularly a photo-ticket where the driver is not identified, we’ll provide you (upon request) with documentation to support your contesting of the violation and/or transferring of the violation to your guest. Please note that procedures differ by jurisdiction. You should submit tickets like these to us within 7 days of receiving them so that we can assist you very quickly. Please note that if you wish to transfer violation of these tickets to your guest, you should not pay the violation before sending them to us.

*If you are a rental car company who has declined a Turo protection package in order to provide your own commercial rental insurance to your travelers, Turo offers very limited assistance; however, you may still file for reimbursements for parking tickets and tolls through Turo by using the Reimbursement tool, or by contacting the traveler directly for reimbursement. Please note that Turo will not assist with liability transfers.


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