What information is required of travelers?

Before a traveler can request your car, she or he must provide the following information:

  • Driver's license information: Every traveler must submit his or her driver's license number.
  • Payment card information: He or she must also provide their payment information
  • International drivers: Non-US and Non-Canada drivers may have to provide additional information, as further detailed here.
  • We also request a potential traveler’s auto insurance score from a consumer reporting agency, and the score must meet our minimum eligibility criterion.

Based on the this information and other signals, our top-flight security software is constantly getting smarter in order to keep our community safe. Periodically, we may request additional information to verify the identity and eligibility of prospective guests.

You, as an owner, play a crucial role in the final step of the process. In order to support our insurance requirements, before you hand over your keys, you must check that your guest has a current, valid driver's license, and that the name matches the information provided in your trip details.

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