How do I join?

Join our community by signing up for an account using your Facebook account, Google+ account, or with your personal email address. Once you’ve created an account and verified your mobile phone, head over to your account page to start the pre-approval process. Please remember that the email address you use (be it your Facebook account's email address, your Google+ email address, or your personal email address) is our primary method of communication with you, so you'll want to make sure you check that email regularly!

During the approval process, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • Driver’s license information
  • The last four digits of your Social Security number (US only)
  • Payment method

Only provide your own information, since entering someone else’s information (e.g. a parent or significant other) may result in your membership being declined. No two individuals can share an account under any circumstance.

In some cases, we’ll need you to provide the same information you’d provide at a traditional rental car counter, but since we’ll be doing it all online, we may ask you to upload photos of your credit card, driver’s license, and you holding your driver’s license next to your face. We know this information is sensitive, so to ensure that your information is protected, we’ll ask you to obscure the leading numbers. Non-US drivers will be asked for some additional information to verify their identity and driving history. If any information is unclear, you may be asked to re-submit information, or provide additional information.

When you create a Turo account, you are providing Turo with written instructions and authorization in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act or similar laws to obtain your personal and/or business credit report and/or perform a criminal background check. You are also authorizing Turo to obtain your auto insurance score from a consumer reporting agency.

Secondary Drivers on a Trip

Each driver of a car rented through the Turo marketplace must be an approved driver (i.e., have successfully completed the approval process with their own account) — so if you'd like to add a secondary driver to help share the driving responsibilities, please make sure they’ve successfully completed the process as well.

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