Do you offer national roadside assistance?

Yes. If you select a vehicle that is covered under one of Turo’s protection plans, you can be connected (free of charge) with a dispatcher who will be able to send out a service provider if there is an incident with your rental vehicle 24 hours a day, seven days a week,.

Please note that depending on the nature of the call, you may be responsible for fees associated with the actual services provided (towing, locksmith, battery jump, etc.) during the event.

If you are experiencing an emergency that requires roadside service and your trip is in the United States, please call 1-866-735-2901. If your trip is in Canada, please call 1-888-391-0460.

If you are traveling in a vehicle that is covered by owner-provided insurance (e.g. a vehicle that is not insured via Turo), any available roadside assistance will be provided by that owner and their insurance provider. In this case, direct any questions about roadside assistance coverage directly to the owner.

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