Do I get any money back if I end a trip early?

Plans evolve, things come up, and sometimes you have to cut your trip short -- we get it!

To receive a refund for ending a trip early you must request to end the trip early through your Turo dashboard, and your request must be accepted by the owner. Once your host approves the request, you will be notified and automatically refunded for the trip’s unused time. However, if you return the car early without an approved request, you will not be refunded for any unused time.

If you want to end a trip early and receive a refund, it’s very important that you make a trip change request through the website or app and that the owner approves your request.

To make a trip change request, log in to and head to your dashboard. Select the trip you want to modify, and then click “Request Change”. From there you will be able to modify the start and end times of your trip, as well as the delivery and drop off location. Once you’ve adjusted your trip end time, click “Send Request”. The owner will be notified of your request immediately. Once they respond to your request, you will be notified and refunded.


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