Are my passengers allowed to drive? How do I add a driver?

If you have booked a trip in a vehicle covered by a Turo protection package, then your passengers can drive as long as they’re an approved Turo driver. If your booked vehicle is covered by owner-provided insurance, you will need to confirm any additional requirements with the owner directly before allowing anyone else to drive the vehicle. Your passenger may not be covered by the owner’s insurance if they drive, and you must comply with any of their insurance requirements.

If you’re in a Turo covered trip and your passengers are approved Turo drivers, great! They can assist you with the drive. If not, they’ll have to stay your co-pilot. You must be the driver when picking up and dropping off the car, and it's your responsibility to confirm whether your passenger has been approved before letting them drive the car.

To get another licensed driver officially approved to drive:

  • Have the person who wants to be an additional driver get approved to drive. Once they create an account, and submit their driver's license and credit card information, we will review their application to ensure they meet our eligibility criteria. They’ll receive either confirmation that they've been approved, or notice that we have not been able to approve them.
  • If they are not approved, they may be asked to provide additional information. There is also the possibility that they will be denied membership. If they are approved, notify the owner that there will be an additional driver via the Turo messaging system.

Please note that only the person who made the reservation may retrieve the keys from the owner, and that you remain primarily liable for the trip should anything happen.

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