How do I extend a trip?

Not ready for your adventure to end just yet? We don’t blame you.

To keep driving beyond your scheduled trip end, go to your Dashboard to request a trip change.

All requests must be made before a trip ends so that the owner can approve or decline the new end time. Trip change requests expire 8 hours from the request, or at the end of the original trip end time.

If an owner doesn’t respond to the request or declines it, the vehicle must be returned to the owner at the originally scheduled end time. If the vehicle is kept past the trip end without an approved new end time, the protection package you selected may be voided, and you will incur late fees.

If the new trip end does not increase the total number of days included in the trip, you may incur an extension fee cost. If you shorten your trip, you may receive a refund.

If there is an additional cost due to your new end time, it will appear as a separate line item when you go to send the request.

An owner can make a price-by-day adjustment for days you have yet to request, which may increase the cost of your extension. You’ll be presented with the total cost of an extension before confirming it.

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