Do I need my own insurance?

This article only applies to travelers in the United States. If you are renting in Canada, check out the article for Canadian travelers from our insurance partner Intact.

Turo does not require you to have your own personal insurance coverage in order to use our marketplace. If you have insurance, liability insurance offered via Turo will supplement your existing coverage. Alternatively, some owners on Turo have opted to decline a Turo protection package where they are able to offer commercial rental insurance directly to travelers. Travelers who rent those vehicles are subject to the owner’s commercial insurance policy instead, and waive Turo’s protection.

This liability policy generally does NOT cover medical expenses (“PIP”, in insurance industry-speak) and “Uninsured” or “Underinsured Motorist” (“UM/UIM”) -- in most cases these coverages are rejected, or are applicable only to the minimum amount required in the state where the car is registered (in some states, that amount is zero). If you are interested in or have questions about additional coverage, you should consult your insurance professional.

Furthermore, as described in this FAQ entry, for protection against damage to the rental vehicle you may choose between multiple coverage options. Turo offers two packages with supplemental physical damage protection, so that after your personal insurance coverage is exhausted, your out-of-pocket exposure can be limited to, depending on the option selected, either $500 or $3000. You may also choose to decline all physical damage protection, and rely solely on your own personal insurance coverage.

If you rent a vehicle where the owner is providing the insurance and protections (rather than Turo), you may be subject to their own, different insurance policies and fees. To learn more about owner-provided insurance, read through this FAQ entry.

If you decline all physical damage protection, your out-of-pocket exposure will extend to the full value of the vehicle and all related costs, as described in this FAQ entry. We strongly advise that you should only decline one of our protection plans if you’re confident that your personal insurance will cover you during a Turo trip; it is best to check directly with your insurance company or policy for this information prior to making your decision.

Credit card companies are highly unlikely to provide any coverage for a Turo trip.

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