How does insurance work? What am I responsible for if I have an accident?

This article only applies to travelers in the United States. If you are renting in Canada, check out the article for Canadian travelers from our insurance partner Intact.

The specifics of protection are described in the Renter portion of this FAQ entry, including procedures relating to subrogation. A simple description of the typical claims process is available here.

If there is another car involved, please make sure to get the contact and insurance information for the other car and driver, and get a police report if available.

After we have received a report of the incident, we process the claim. During the claims process, please share all relevant documentation (e.g., photos, police reports, etc.) with your Turo claims specialist. The specific resolution will depend on the facts of your case (which party is at fault, jurisdiction, etc.), and we will guide you through the claims process.

When damage is reported, you will initially be charged the following applicable amount at the beginning of the claims process, depending on the initial assessment of the damage:

  • Premium Package – $500
  • Basic Package – up to $3000, and no less than $500
  • Decline – up to $3000, and no less than $500. Ultimate assessed costs can be up to the full value of the car, plus Related Costs.


Your responsibilities will vary depending on which protection package you have selected. In cases where only the owner’s car is involved, you are responsible for damage to the owner’s car that isn't wear and tear and wasn’t reported as pre-existing damage at the beginning of the reservation.

Depending on, among other things, which protection option you have selected, where liability for the incident is found to lie, and what the level of damage is, you will either receive a refund of some, none or all of the amounts initially charged, or be required to pay (either yourself, your insurer, or both) additional amounts to satisfy your obligations. One of the costs that you will be responsible for will be for claims processing, which vary, but can reach a maximum of $575 per claim, depending on the severity and complexity of the loss. If your current payment card selection does not have sufficient funds to provide coverage for the payment, we will charge your other cards on file to satisfy your payment obligations.

Your Turo claims specialist will notify you of the final amount due after all damages and expenses are calculated.

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