Wear and tear

This article only applies to vehicles in the United States. For vehicles in Canada, please click here for information from our insurance partner, Intact.

Normal “wear and tear” that is part of the normal operation of a vehicle is an inherent part of renting out a car; the owner is never “protected” against normal interior wear and tear. Only owners who have opted into the Premium owner protection plan are protected against normal exterior wear and tear. Definitions of "wear and tear" and "mechanical failure" may be found in this article.

Renters are not “responsible” for wear and tear or mechanical failure resulting from normal usage of the car.

However, renters are fully responsible for, and Turo does not provide any protection to renters for

  1. any damage related to “misuse” or Prohibited Uses of the vehicle
  2. significant damage to the interior of the car, including gouges, tears and punctures; or
  3. any mechanical damage resulting from a renter’s negligence, intentional acts, or improper driving (e.g, clutch damage from rough driving, suspension damage from running over speed bumps at high speed or into curbs, continuing to drive with warning indicator lights illuminated, etc).
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