Simple description of insurance coverage

This article describes US protections. For rentals in Canada, please click here for information about protections provided through our insurance partner, Intact.

Insurance isn’t simple, but let us try to explain it as simply as possible. As long as you’re in compliance with the Terms of Service (including the requirement for the owner to check that the renter has a valid driver's license) and have not opted to waive Turo’s insurance and protections, during a trip, the following protections apply:

  • Owner:
    • Rental Period (i.e., the period shown in the trip confirmation). Primary liability coverage up to $1,000,000; protection for physical damage to your car is provided without deductible for the "Premium" and "Standard" owner protection plans, and with a $3,000 deductible for the "Basic" plan. No coverage is available for owners who have declined a Turo protection plan.
    • Delivery Period (i.e., when the owner (or designee), who is a Turo Approved Driver is actively delivering the car to the renter, and not while retrieving the car from the renter). Primary liability coverage up to $1,000,000; no protection for physical damage to your car. No coverage is available for owners who have declined a Turo protection plan.
  • Renter:
    • Premium Package: Liability coverage up to $1,000,000; physical damage to the car covered up to the actual cash value of the car. In each case, coverage is secondary to any other insurance you may already have. There is no deductible for the supplemental liability coverage; for the physical damage protection, once you’ve exhausted your own insurance for physical damage, your out-of-pocket exposure is limited to $500. There is no coverage in any renter package (i.e., you are fully financially responsible) for mechanical or interior damage.
    • Basic Package: Liability coverage up to the minimum required by the state where the car is registered. Physical damage deductible is $3000.
    • Decline Coverage: Same liability coverage as in the Basic Package, but no protection at all for physical damage: renter is liable for all costs related to physical damage.
    • If you have rented a vehicle where the owner has declined a Turo protection package and has chosen to provide its own commercial rental insurance directly to you, please consult the listings and/or inquire with the owner to understand the coverage limits, exclusions, and applicable costs, if any. You may view more information about owner-provided insurance here.

If you'd like more detailed descriptions, they may be found in this article on owner protection plans, and in this article on renter protection packages.

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