Reporting damage and/or an accident

This article refers to rentals where the vehicle is covered by a Turo’ protection package. Vehicles covered by owner-provided insurance and their associated reservations are not subject to this process, and instead are subject to the owner’s commercial rental insurance policies and processes.

At the time of the trip, the owner and renter should walk around the car and agree on any existing damage, as well as the general condition of the car. Damage present at the end of the reservation is presumed to be the responsibility of the renter, so the renter should document any pre-existing damage at the beginning of the reservation by using Trip Photos on the app, uploading photos to the trip page at, sending an e-mail to with the Subject line "Trip Start Photos", or documenting with usage of the Trip Checklist.

At the time of return, the owner and renter should do another walk around the car and agree that the car was returned in the same condition.  If there is any new damage, it is the renter’s responsibility. The renter and owner should discuss whether it merits reporting to Turo, or if it sufficiently minor that something can be worked out between the owner and the renter.

If the owner believes that they might want to pursue a claim, they must report it to Turo at within 24 hours of the end of reservation (or within 24 hours of learning of it from the renter, whichever is earlier), or it will not be eligible for consideration. The photographs must be taken and submitted within the first 24 hours for the claim to be eligible for coverage.

If a renter discovers damage from the trip, they must report it immediately at  The renter should NOT take the car to a repair shop without written permission from the owner.

Airport lot check-out

If the members use Turo Valet to facilitate the trip, they must follow the check-in and check-out processes of those lots. In this case, the owner needs to report any claimed damage in the claims tool within 24 hours after the end of the trip, in order for that damage to be eligible for consideration as a claim.

Accidents: Must be reported immediately. The renter must file a police report and provide the report number when available.

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