Smoking policy

Travelers and their passengers are not permitted to smoke in any vehicle in the Turo marketplace.

We take reports of smoking very seriously. If a smoke smell is reported by the owner within 24 hours of a trip end, the renter is subject to fine and potentially removal from the community.

If there is a smoke smell at the beginning of the trip, the renter should let us know via (please create a Subject line "Smoke Smell Before Trip") or via phone immediately to avoid being unfairly held responsible for the violation.

If the owner smokes in their car, they must include this information in the listing, so that their prospective guest is aware of the condition. If an owner fails to do so, and the vehicle smells of smoke before the trip, the traveler can decline to take possession of the car and receive a full refund. The owner is then subject to fine and removal from the community.

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