Tickets received during a trip

The renter must pay all tickets (other than photo tickets*) for events occurring during the trip. The renter is also responsible for all parking tickets/fines received up to 24 hours after the end of the trip, if the parking ticket was due to the renter’s improper parking.

The renter should notify the owner if the renter receives a ticket during their trip, and, so long as it is not a photo ticket, should pay the full cost immediately.

If an owner notifies Turo of a ticket received during the rental period (or during the period 24 hours thereafter), Turo will promptly charge the renter for the full cost of the ticket plus any related fees.

*If the ticket is for a moving violation captured by a camera, and the owner receives a ticket in the mail, Turo will provide the necessary information to the owner in order to allow the owner to contest the violation and transfer the liability to the renter. While the processes to contest or transfer these tickets varies by jurisdiction, the owner typically would complete an affidavit of non-liability in order to request it be removed from their record and transferred to the renter’s. Note: Paying a “photo ticket” will often prevent an owner from being able to contest these type of tickets, so the renter must not pay these photo tickets.

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